Tourism August 1, 2023 | 10:21 am

Abinader enacts a law that declares Espaillat as an ecotourism province

President Luis Abinader has officially enacted Law 41-23, designating the Espaillat province as an ecotourism province. The primary goal of this legislation is to boost ecological and cultural tourism within the region, which will positively impact the local economy and enhance the well-being of its residents.

To achieve these objectives, the law establishes the Provincial Fund for Ecotourism Development of the Espaillat province. This fund will be supported by a budget allocation from the General State Budget Law, as well as contributions and donations from individuals, both domestic and international organizations, government agencies, and non-governmental entities, including public and private institutions. The fund’s resources will be utilized to promote and facilitate ecotourism initiatives and projects within the province.

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