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Adompretur presents the Epifanio Lantigua 2023 awards today, December 5

Santo Domingo.- The gala of the Epifanio Lantigua 2023 National Award for Tourism Journalism will be held today, Tuesday, December 5, starting at six o’clock in the evening at the National Police Auditorium, on Abraham Lincoln Avenue, corner Independencia, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

“Adompretur’s board of directors and the organizing committee of the PEL 2023 are pleased with the celebration of this XIX edition, on whose verdict our jury has worked in depth. It will be a night of emotions and justice,” states the announcement made by the Dominican Association of Tourism Press (Adompretur).

According to the press release, the verdict was the result of the hard work of the jury headed by journalist Tony Pérez, and made up of Luis Felipe Aquino, Luis José Chávez, Gustavo Olivo Peña, Esteban Rosario, Marivell Contreras, Aurelio Henríquez, Bolívar Troncoso, Oscar Peña, José Antonio Aybar, José Mármol and Edgar Lantigua, “all professionals with vast experience in journalism and the tourism sector.”

The ceremony will pay tribute to Ellis Pérez, one of the founders of Adompretur, and the digital newspaper Acento will be recognized as an outstanding media, said Yenny Polanco Lovera, president of the journalism association.

Adompretur’s chief executive recalled with emotional words the contribution of late José Ignacio Morales (El Artístico), whose workshops in La Romana are responsible for the model of the trophy that winners will receive.

The PEL 2023 will be awarded in the following categories: Written press, Television or YouTube report, Digital media, Television documentary, Printed magazine, Art and culture, Photography, Gastronomy, Tourism North, South and East Region.


In this 19th edition, 29 journalists and media are competing for the award: Adrian Rafael Morales,; Álbida Segura, El Caribe /; Alexander Martínez Bonilla, Súper Canal 33; Andrés Lora,; Arelis Suero,, Brunilda A. Santana Holguín, Soy Caribe Premium magazine; Cristian Santana,; Daniela Báez Bautista, Programa con Ana Pereyra / Revista Informativa; Erika Santelices Abarzú, Agencia AFP; Florentino Durán, Listín Diario / El Show del Mediodía; Ian Franjul,; Jessica Bonifacio, El Caribe; Jessica Leonor, Diario Libre; Jesús Vásquez, Acento TV; Joan Sebastian Vallejo, El Dinero.

Also participating are Karilyn Cuevas, CDN, Cadena de Noticias; Karla Natasha Alcántara, El Dinero; Katheryn Luna,; Maribel García Vásquez, Conversando con Maribel program; Massiel de Jesús Acosta, El Dinero; Mayelin Acosta Guzmán, HOY newspaper; Mayerlin Martínez, Listín Diario; Onysela Valdez, Soy Caribe Premium magazine; Orlando Barría Maichil, Agencia EFE; Ramón Chávez,; Rigoberto Smith Tate, Detrás de Cámara con Rigoberto; Shawell Peña, El Nacional; Sudelka García, El Nacional; and Wellington Ascanio Pérez Vargas,

Winners in all categories will receive a cash prize of RD$50,000.00, a trophy of ‘El Artístico’ –made in solid bronze on the concept of sculptor Rafael Bueno–, an Arajet air ticket and a certificate. The ‘Grand Prize’ winner will also receive an additional RD$85,000.00 and two Arajet airline tickets.

Dominican Today, finalist in the Digital Media category

Online newspaper Dominican Today is a finalist in the Digital Media category thanks to the article “Short-statured Dominicans: navigating vacations in non-inclusive environments”, by journalist Adrian R. Morales, who, based on the testimony of a short Dominican woman (Rocío Stephani de Jesús Durán), brings to the forefront a highly sensitive issue such as the inclusion, in the tourism sector, of people with disabilities, especially those living with dwarfism.

It is a topic that is in line with the criteria defended by veteran journalist –and head of the jury– Tony Pérez, when he stated: “The best contribution that a well-trained and ethical journalist can make to the development of the social phenomenon of tourism is to present complete stories, technically correct, without publicity masks and with a constructive critical view” (ElCorreo.Do, November 2022.).

Board of Directors (2023-2025)

The board of directors is made up of Yenny Polanco Lovera, president; Salvador Batista, vice-president; Cristian Mota, secretary general; Mayra De Peña, director of Finance; José Alberto Selmo, director of Institutional Relations; Juan de Dios Valentín, Regional Affairs; Amelia Reyes, Training; Carmen Bretón, Communication and Public Relations; José Ramón Torres, Culture and Tourism; Cristina Rosario, Events; and Cynthia Martínez, Marketing.


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