Tourism December 9, 2023 | 12:00 pm

Arajet to double its flights between Santo Domingo and Ecuador

Arajet announced that as of June 2024, it will double the seats available between Santo Domingo and the destinations it flies to in Ecuador (Quito and Guayaquil).

Beginning June 21, the airline will go from having two flights to Ecuador to 4 flights a week with improved schedules.

“I am excited to announce that thanks to the good performance of the Ecuadorian market, we will be resuming direct flights between Santo Domingo-Guayaquil and Santo Domingo-Quito, which will increase to 1,500 available seats per week between the Dominican Republic and Ecuador”, Manuel Luna, Chief Communication Officer of Arajet.

He emphasized that “Arajet’s mission is to consolidate its position as the low-fare airline of choice for Ecuadorians and all Latin Americans. In addition, it fulfills its promise to democratize the region’s skies, offering the best prices and the opportunity to travel safely, in new aircraft, with high-quality in-flight service, and at highly competitive prices”.

Meanwhile, the general manager of the Terminal Aeroportuaria de Guayaquil (TAGSA), Angel Cordova, said that for Guayaquil, Arajet had represented an opportunity for a positive impact on the direct connectivity of the city with another country that did not exist before.

On his part, the Ambassador of the Dominican Republic in Ecuador, Luis Kalaff, said that thanks to Arajet, there has been an increase in the number of Ecuadorian tourists visiting the Dominican Republic and vice versa, as well as greater dynamism in trade exchanges between the two countries.

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