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National Geographic’s “Cool List” for 2024 highlights nine destinations in the Americas

Miami Beach, Florida (FILE photo).

New York.- National Geographic magazine recently unveiled its “Cool List,” a survey of the “coolest” destinations to visit in 2024, and spotlights the Americas region with nine must-see places.

“With iconic hotels opening, ambitious redevelopment projects underway and new train routes making travel easier than ever, there’s plenty to choose from for your next trip,” they introduced in this sort of travel guide.

Esteros del Iberá, Argentina: Home to diverse wildlife, including giant anteaters, jaguars, and giant river otters, with easier access due to the opening of iconic hotels, ongoing reconstruction projects, and new train routes.

New York State, United States: Celebrating the centennial of its State Parks with exciting additions at Niagara Falls and significant museum openings, such as the American LGBTQ+ Museum and the Olympic Museum in Lake Placid.

Desierto de Atacama, Chile: Known for its rare flowering event that transforms one of the world’s driest environments into a colorful spectacle, particularly in the Parque Nacional Desierto Florido, which showcases over 200 plant species adapted to harsh desert conditions.

Lima, Peru: Renowned for its Nikkei cuisine and globally recognized restaurants, as well as the rising popularity of rooftop bars. Additionally, the capital will become more accessible starting in December.

Miami, United States: In the midst of transforming the area under the elevated Metrorail into a 10-mile linear park known as the Underline. Also, Miami’s vibrant arts and culture scene continues to grow.

Dominica: Highlighting its wild interior and low-impact tourism experiences, such as sea kayaking routes and the Waitukubuli Sea Trail, which aims to maintain the focus on adventure activities while preserving natural beauty.

Nova Scotia, Canada: Preparing for the Congrès Mondial Acadien in August 2024, featuring a celebration of Acadian culture through music and seafood, providing a unique opportunity to experience this vibrant community in a spectacular setting.

Texas, United States: Anticipating a total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, with the Texas Eclipse Festival offering four days of live music, expert speakers, and immersive artistic experiences.

Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico: Uncovering Mayan historical treasures through routes connecting Mayan communities and cenotes, including the 80-mile hiking and mountain biking trail known as the Camino del Mayab, offering an immersive exploration of the region’s ancestral culture.



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