Tourism January 10, 2024 | 9:53 am

Barahona to host inaugural Expo Turismo y Atracciones 2024, aiming to boost tourism

Barahona.- The province of Barahona is gearing up to host the first edition of the Expo Turismo y Atracciones 2024 tourism fair. Scheduled from March 1 to 3 at the Costa Larimar Hotel, the event will be held under the theme “For the love of Barahona”. This significant gathering is expected to attract almost 100 companies from the tourism sector, both nationally and internationally.

Organized by Turismo y Atracciones and Grupo Mecca, Expo Turismo y Atracciones 2024 is designed as a platform for investors and entrepreneurs in the tourism industry. It aims to showcase service offers, tourism products, and investment opportunities in Barahona. The fair also plans to engage with over 60 national and international issuing wholesalers, along with participation from financial entities and investment funds.

Kelvin Faña, the general coordinator of the event, outlined a dynamic thematic agenda during a press conference. The fair will feature conferences, business tables, product presentations, and opportunities for business and sales, as well as various service offers.

A formal invitation will be extended to Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader and Tourism Minister David Collado, acknowledging their efforts in attracting more than 10 million tourists. Attendees of the fair will also have the chance to explore Barahona’s diverse attractions, including nature adventures, gastronomic tourism, bird watching, river and cave explorations, and visits to coffee plantations.

Faña highlighted that the Expo Turismo y Atracciones 2024 aims to promote tourism development in the Dominican Republic, especially in the southern region. The event seeks to be a platform for generating strategic alliances and business opportunities, and for the public to discover and appreciate Barahona’s unique offerings.

The fair promises artistic participation and many surprises. Interested guests or sponsors can register by contacting through the provided email, WhatsApp, and website details. With an expectation of over 5,000 visitors, Expo Turismo y Atracciones 2024 is set to reveal the unique tourist appeal of Barahona.

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