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Washington opposes Medina’s reelection? A rumor: US Embassy

R. Copley.. File

Santo Domingo.- The US Embassy on Wed. labeled as a rumor Peruvian journalist Jaime Bayly’s assertion that Washington has told president Danilo Medina that it opposes a new reform of the Constitution to pave the way to a third consecutive term and the return of former president Leonel Fernández.

When asked about Bayly’s affirmation quoted by El Nacional, the US Embassy press attaché Carolina Escalera, said the Embassy doesn’t usually respond to rumors, and declined comment.

“… Regarding your inquiry, at the United States Embassy, ​​we do not usually respond to rumors, so we do not have any comments about it,” Escalera said in a statement.

Bayly, who lives in Miami, said in his television program that he received this information from “impeccable intelligence sources” in Washington.

According to the journalist, the position was communicated to Medina last Thursday by the US Charge d’Affaires in the country, Robert Copley, during a “confidential visit.”

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