Uncategorized May 12, 2021 | 11:41 am

Dominican Republic-Haiti border fence continues

Photo El Nuevo Diario.

Jimaní, Dominican Republic.- The construction of the fence between the Dominican Republic and Haiti continues.

It’s an ambitious undertaking: 390 kilometers slicing through Hispaniola.

The work begun before President Luis Abinader announced his plans to build a fence along the entire dividing line to stop illegal immigration and smuggling.

To date, the work already has 23 kilometers, about four meters high, it sits on a cement brick wall and is topped by a spiral of razor wire, already with rust marks in some sections due to the humidity of the salt lake.

The goal, according to Abinader, is to end irregular immigration, drug trafficking, smuggling and theft of vehicles and livestock within two years.

The longest section of the fence starts on the shores of Lake Azuei.

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