World January 15, 2022 | 7:22 am

412 kilos of cocaine from Dominican Republic seized in Italy

Rome – Italian law enforcement authorities seized 412 kilograms of cocaine hidden in a container coming from the Dominican Republic and destined for the Spanish port of Valencia at the port of La Spezia, in the northwest of the country.

412 kilos of cocaine destined for Valencia seized in an Italian port, external source
The result was due to a joint operation carried out by the Customs agency, the Guardia di Finanza and the Carabinieri following a “complex and articulated transnational investigation carried out under the coordination of the fight against the mafia Genoa,” explained a joint communiqué.

The drug, “cocaine of extremely high quality and purity,” was hidden in a container from the Dominican Republic with a forged seal and among blocks of paper for recycling.

It consisted of 359 packages of drugs for a total of 412 kilograms which were destined for Valencia and which would have been worth around 100 million Euros on the market.

The operation is part of the constant surveillance by Italian law enforcement of goods coming from South America, which had already resulted in the seizure of drugs two years ago when 338 kilos of cocaine were discovered hidden in granite panels coming from Brazil.

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Felix Arroyo
January 16, 2022 1:01 am

This is shaming the Dominican authorities. Desperation and more contraband are expected as the economic situation gets worst and the demographic pressures increases. The uniformed personnel continue to be bribed by the drug traffickers. Expect episodes like this to continue to occur.
And to the Italian authorities: Nicely done!!!