World September 15, 2022 | 4:05 pm

Dominican Republic closes its embassy and consulates in Haiti

Santo Domingo, DR
The Dominican Republic closed its embassy in Haiti, as well as its consulates in that territory, due to the political and social crisis in the neighboring nation.

As part of the measure, the civilian personnel of these offices was also evacuated.

Listin Diario learned that only special forces would be maintained and that the embassy’s heliport was authorized to assist other foreign missions that needed to leave or move out of the country.

This morning, the Professional Association of Banks (APB) announced the total closure of the operations of commercial banks throughout the country, starting this Thursday.

Yesterday, riots took place affecting several bank branches.

Several amateur videos posted on social networks show scenes of looting of complex 18, located in Juvénat, Pétion-ville. In the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area, several large companies have not opened their doors. They are asking their customers and employees to stay at home due to the socio-economic situation.

Haiti, in recent months

In recent months, gang violence has claimed hundreds of lives, causing a deepening political and human rights crisis in the country, Human Rights Watch has estimated.

A United Nations report records that gangs have kidnapped and killed hundreds of people in the capital, Port-au-Prince, since the first days of July.

According to the UN, in Haiti, 540 people were kidnapped and more than 780 killed between January and May of this year.

In the last five months of 2021, 396 people were kidnapped and 668 killed.

Among the recent deaths resulting from violence were those of Haitian journalists Tayson Latigue and Frantzsen Charles, which occurred last Sunday.

Latigue worked for Ti Jenn Journalis and Charles for FS News. An armed gang attacked both in the capital’s Cité Soleil slum, where they went with five other journalists to report with the parents of a girl who was murdered.

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September 15, 2022 4:09 pm

Barbeque is in charge…???