Tourism March 27, 2023 | 8:22 am

Transport strike in Germany delays Condor flight to the Dominican Republic

The lack of employees to board the suitcases at Frankfurt Airport, as a result of the strike called for this Monday in the transport sector, has caused a delay of more than two hours on flight DE 2144 bound for Puerto Plata-Santo Domingo, operated by the German airline Condor.

The delay of the flight, which was scheduled to leave at 12:05 (German time), has caused impatience among passengers. The plane plans to arrive first in Puerto Plata to drop off part of the passengers and then to Santo Domingo. A strike was announced last Thursday by the Verdi service sector union and by the EVG railway union, which affects transportation and normal flow at Frankfurt airport. Frankfurt Airport is one of the largest passenger hubs in Europe.

The transportation strikes in Germany called for this Monday will result in hundreds of flight cancellations. So far, airlines have been forced to suspend 81 of the 191 scheduled departures in Spain for tomorrow. The director of Verdi had advanced that the demonstration is expected to have “extensive participation.”

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