World April 27, 2023 | 4:15 pm

Project will restore reefs in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba and Haiti

The CoralCarib project, aimed at conserving and restoring the coral reefs of Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Haiti, was presented in Jamaica. These four nations possess 60% of the Caribbean’s coral reefs. The Alligator Head Foundation will manage CoralCarib, which is being funded by the Nature Conservancy and the International Climate Initiative of Germany. The Caribbean is home to 10% of the world’s coral reefs, and the project’s goal is to create more robust and healthier ecosystems that contribute to increased biodiversity, economic growth, and food security in the region.

Matthew Samuda, the Jamaican Minister of Economic Growth and Job Creation, expressed his support for the project and emphasized that CoralCarib would complement the government’s ongoing efforts to protect the underwater ecosystem. He announced the creation of a National Policy for the Management of Jamaica’s Oceans and Coastal Zones and an Action Plan for corals and reefs.

Jan Hendrik van Thiel, the German ambassador to Jamaica, stated that CoralCarib is one of nine projects currently being implemented in the country with the support of the German government. Denise Henry, Director of the Alligator Head Foundation Research Program, explained that CoralCarib would introduce innovative approaches, such as an assessment and implementation plan for threat reduction and an investigation into coral sexual reproduction, which has never been successfully done in Jamaica.

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