World June 7, 2023 | 2:46 pm

The DGAPP encourages European investors to participate in the Autopista del Ámbar project

The General Directorate of Public-Private Alliances (DGAPP) recently organized the first International Road Show in Spain to promote the construction, maintenance, and operation project of the Autopista del Ámbar under the public-private alliance model. The aim of the roadshow was to attract international companies and investors to participate in the competitive selection process for the project.

A delegation from the DGAPP presented the project details and financial model, which includes the operation and maintenance of the Circunvalación Norte de Santiago. To avoid a shadow toll, an innovative component of the project involves the state contributing a piece of land located in the Punta Bergantín real estate development.

Several companies participated in the roadshow, including Iridium Infrastructure Concessions, OHLA, Abertis, Grupo Puentes, Grupo Ortiz, COPASA, VINCI Highways, and Cointer from the “Grupo AZVI.” These companies were selected based on their experience in infrastructure projects and their familiarity with the requirements of the Autopista del Ámbar project.

During the presentations, various topics were discussed, including the initial investment, environmental impact, infrastructure distribution, benefits of integrating the Circunvalación Norte de Santiago and the Punta Bergantín project, legal certainty, and the positive economic impact on the northern region of the country.

The Autopista del Ámbar project, which includes the maintenance and operation of the Circunvalación Norte de Santiago, is being structured as a public-private alliance and is currently in the competitive selection phase for the successful bidder.

In addition to Spain, the DGAPP will conduct promotional activities in South Korea and the Dominican Republic. The roadshow in Spain took place from May 30 to June 2, followed by South Korea from June 5 to 9, and the Dominican Republic from June 14 to 16 of this year.

The delegation leading the roadshow included the Deputy Director of Promotion of the DGAPP, Izalia López, along with the Deputy Director of Management and Supervision, Alan Jiménez, the economic adviser to the Executive Directorate, Jaime Pérez, and the person responsible for Project Analysis and Evaluation, Elba Méndez.

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