World June 12, 2023 | 11:17 am

The 33 mysterious flights to the Dominican Republic of the Falcon of Spain

The Government of Spain’s Falcon aircraft has reportedly made 33 flights from Madrid to the Dominican Republic over the course of two years. The reason behind such a high number of flights to the country remains a deeply guarded secret, and media investigations have failed to uncover any information.

Spanish and Dominican media outlets have made efforts to uncover the reasons behind these mysterious flights but have been unsuccessful. However, according to, none of the flights had Punta Cana airport as their destination. A veil of silence appears to shroud the matter between the two countries.

It is unlikely that these flights are related to deportations, as the Spanish government typically uses charter airlines or Air Europa for such cases. Additionally, Dominican involvement in crime in Spain is minimal.

Out of the 33 trips to the Dominican Republic, it is presumed that 27 were made to destinations in the Americas within a two-year span. It is known that the King of Spain and President Sánchez have flown on the Falcon on a few occasions, but little information is available regarding the purpose of the remaining two dozen flights.

The identity of the individuals who traveled on the Falcon aircraft, also known as “Mr. Falcon,” remains unknown. Computer engineer Pablo Bañuelos, an expert in security working for the North American company CiberProof, has monitored the flights of this aircraft.

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