World June 20, 2023 | 10:34 am

Spirit cancels flight to Santo Domingo due to “bad weather” and leaves passengers stranded

Hundreds of locals and tourists were left stranded at the airport in Orlando, Florida, after US airline Spirit Airlines canceled its flight to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, citing bad weather conditions. The cancellation notification was given just minutes before boarding was scheduled to take place at 9:10 p.m., leaving passengers without alternative options.

One of the affected passengers, Wendy Mora, a Dominican communicator, had her flight, Spirit Flight NK 1567, rescheduled for the following day without any compensation for additional expenses. Similar situations were faced by other travelers, although some opted to purchase tickets on alternative airlines in the hope that Spirit Airlines would reimburse the cost of their canceled flights.

Spirit Airlines is an American low-cost airline based in Miramar, Florida, operating scheduled flights primarily within the United States and Latin America.

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June 20, 2023 12:00 pm

Bad weather???. Its been hot and mostly clear for the last 2 weeks here in the DR

Paul Tierney
June 20, 2023 3:46 pm
Reply to  Alfredo

The flight was going to STGO from Orlando. FL.. Florida has had a spike of bad weather recently. The weather may have been good in the RD. Yet, the plane has to arrive from Orlando to be able to depart STGO with a fresh load of passengers.

Paul Tierney
June 20, 2023 12:12 pm

This stranding of passengers at the last moment with no assistance is a strong indicator as to why the US Gov’t has to rewrite air passenger consumer protections to favor new rights to the flying public from abuses of the airlines. The European model is a start.

The airline does have a responsibility to safeguard passenger safety from adverse weather that may endanger a flight. However, is it, the bad weather, a disguised reason to hide true motivations to cancel a flight such as mechanical failure or crew shortages?

June 22, 2023 10:44 am

This is a lie, they did the same to me on June 17,2023 and I waited 19 hrs. at the airport, when I ask for a cup of water they said, is $4 dollar. they even sold me the water. I had to buy another ticket from Florida to Santiago, Dominican Republic in American Airlines. It was not such a bad weather because the same day my dad was traveling the same route in another flight with only one hour difference and he made his flight with no inconvenience, that’s a big lie. The worst part is that they don’t want to compensate passengers, just to reimburse “part” of the flight. I saw people traveling with kids, elderly people crying at the airport because we arrive at 12 :00 am on June 18 and the next flight was scheduled for 11:45 PM in other words 23 hrs. away…