World July 18, 2023 | 11:31 am

Dominican Don’t Play cell that was dedicated to scamming and trafficking weapons is dismantled

Photo by Cottonbro Studio on Pexels

Madrid.- The National Police in Madrid, Spain, has dismantled a criminal group allegedly involved in arms trafficking and linked to organized and violent groups associated with the Dominican Don’t Play. During the operation, two individuals were arrested, and a woman is being investigated for their alleged involvement in illegal possession and trafficking of firearms, possession of ammunition, drug trafficking, money laundering, and belonging to a criminal group.

Law enforcement agents seized several weapons, including handguns and long firearms, as well as ammunition, cash, documentation linking the suspects to the Dominican Don’t Play, and narcotics. Additionally, various items were confiscated, such as ballistic vests, tactical clothing, emblem plates, priority light devices, and radio communication systems resembling those used by security forces.

The investigation was initiated by the General Information Police Station and the Provincial Information Brigade of Madrid after discovering the illegal activities of a criminal group involved in arms storage and trafficking, with connections to the Dominican Don’t Play. The operation is part of the National Police’s efforts to prevent and investigate illegal firearms distribution channels and intercept weapons linked to organized and violent youth groups.

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