World August 14, 2023 | 1:55 pm

Dominican Consul condemns kidnapping and trafficking of Dominican migrants in Puerto Rico

Photo from Diario libre

Santo Domingo.- The Consul General of the Dominican Republic in Puerto Rico, César Cedeño, strongly condemned any form of abuse against Dominican citizens, particularly in light of the recent arrest of a couple accused of kidnapping and housing migrants from Santo Domingo in San Juan. Cedeño expressed his sorrow and emphasized the pain caused to the families affected by such incidents. The couple, Junio Melo and Iris Janette Nieves Ríos, were apprehended by the FBI for their involvement in the case.

Cedeño assured the Dominican community in Puerto Rico that they have the consulate’s support and urged them to report any form of abuse, regardless of race, nationality, sexual orientation, or ideological beliefs. The investigation revealed that the migrants had arrived on August 3 in Puerto Rico and were promised work in the construction sector after paying a fee. However, they were then allegedly held against their will, and their families were extorted for ransom.

The victims’ testimonies revealed that the suspects demanded $4,000 before leaving the Dominican Republic and another $4,000 upon reaching Puerto Rico. The case is being monitored by relevant agencies, and the Dominican consulate continues to collaborate with various entities to ensure the safety and well-being of Dominican migrants facing abuse.

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