World November 21, 2023 | 8:06 am

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Dominican delegation brings to Brussels a plan to stabilize Haiti

Brussels.- A delegation from the Dominican Republic visiting Europe has proposed a plan for Haiti, involving a multinational peacekeeping force to stabilize the nation, followed by the restoration of institutional structures and legitimate elections. This plan was discussed amidst the recent atmospheric events affecting Haiti.

José Julio Gómez, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic, emphasized the urgency of addressing Haiti’s multidimensional crisis, which poses a threat not only to the Dominican Republic but also to the broader region. He stressed the Dominican Republic’s interest in helping Haiti for its development and independence, rather than just self-defense.

Despite numerous unsuccessful international interventions in Haiti, the European Union, along with the United States and several African and Caribbean countries, are supportive of the newly UN-approved peacekeeping force, as stated by Vice Minister Gómez.

European humanitarian aid is currently supporting both sides of the border, focusing on safeguarding cross-border trade. Andrés Lugo, Vice Minister of the Dominican Presidency, highlighted that binational markets funded by European cooperation exist, but Haiti’s lack of institutions has prevented their opening.

As discussions in Brussels were underway, gang violence in Haiti escalated, forcing evacuations in Port-au-Prince. Lugo pointed out the interconnectedness between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, sharing a border and significant economic ties.

The Dominican Republic’s Vice Ministers emphasized their nation’s role as a collaborative partner in Haiti’s recovery, presenting a short and medium-term plan for Haiti’s functionality with international community support. They expressed satisfaction with the response from Brussels. Despite decades of international assistance, Haiti remains a symbol of failure, necessitating a concerted international effort, as the burden cannot fall solely on its neighbor, the Dominican Republic.

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