World November 28, 2023 | 8:18 am

Finance Council in Haiti will request credits for canal in Juana Méndez

Haiti.- The National Council of Popular Finances of Haiti (KNFP), using its acronym in Creole, is set to approach financial organizations in Haiti with a request to provide loans to community banks. This funding initiative is aimed at supporting the construction of an irrigation canal on the banks of the Dajabón or Massacre River in the community of Juana Méndez. This information was published by the newspaper Le National, which highlighted the statement of Lionel Fleuristin, the executive director of KNFP. Fleuristin emphasized the need for better support and accompaniment for the agricultural sector in Haiti to meet its expectations.

The KNFP believes that the completion of this irrigation system will enable Haiti to regain its agricultural independence. Fleuristin conveyed that the dam on the Masacre River would allow local farmers to irrigate their fields, leading to increased consumption of local products and ensuring that the food consumed is healthful.

Regarding the progress of the canal, it is understood that the Juana Méndez canal is nearing completion and is financed through private capital. Reports from local media, including data collected until a month ago, indicate that donations from Haitians living abroad have contributed approximately $40,277.75 to the project.

Aerial views by Diario Libre, using the Google Earth platform’s satellite imagery, suggest that the canal’s length is around 1.7 kilometers. The inauguration of this canal was initially scheduled for November 18, coinciding with the 220th anniversary of the Battle of Vertières. However, according to a recent update on November 16 by Paraison, the completion of pending works on the Wanament canal (Juana Méndez) did not allow for the inauguration on the intended date, and a new date has yet to be announced.

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November 28, 2023 9:04 am

I think that democracy for the Dominican republic has not been good for the average Dominican citizen. The people elect this political parties who do nothing but steal and leave thigs worse then before for the next administration. Greed and corruption has cause this to the nation.

November 28, 2023 3:30 pm
Reply to  Cristobal

democracy works and is only beneficial for those in power ,voting for themselves ,can’t get any better …but becomes demonocracy for everyone else …