World November 30, 2023 | 4:32 pm

Coup leader Guy Philippe arrives in Haiti, repatriated by the US

Haiti.- Guy Philippe, a well-known Haitian coup leader, was repatriated to Haiti by the United States government on Thursday, stirring concerns about potential further unrest in a nation already struggling with gang violence and political instability. Philippe’s return to Haiti, which has been grappling with significant power vacuums and turmoil since the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse in July 2021, raises questions about his potential involvement in the current situation.

The exact role Philippe intends to play in Haiti remains uncertain, as the country faces severe challenges due to the influence of powerful gangs thriving in the absence of stable governance. Alex Dupuy, a Haitian-born sociologist and former professor at Wesleyan University, expressed in an interview that it’s necessary to observe what implications, if any, Philippe’s return might have. Dupuy noted that Philippe might not become a central figure in Haiti’s ongoing political crisis.

Philippe’s lawyer, Jean Joseph Louicher, confirmed his arrival in Port-au-Prince on Thursday morning to The Associated Press.

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