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Dominican Embassy in Jamaica enhances education with computer room donation

Jamaica .- The Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Jamaica concluded its 2023 activities with a heartfelt contribution to Jamaican education. In a significant gesture, the embassy donated a fully equipped computer room to the Clan Carthy Primary School. This room includes 15 state-of-the-art computers, 30 modern and colorful chairs, a multifunctional printer-scanner, and a new air conditioning unit. Additional computers were also provided for the school’s library, staff room, and administrative staff, as part of the Embassy’s Public School Adoption Program.

The donation event garnered extensive national press coverage in Jamaica, touching the hearts of many across the country. The ceremony was led by Angie Martínez, the Dominican Ambassador to Jamaica, along with notable Jamaican dignitaries including the First Lady and President of the House of Representatives, Honorable Juliet Holness, Education Minister Honorable Fayval Williams, Congressman Julian Robinson, Vice President of the Board of Directors Dr. Mortimer Mullings, and the school’s Principal, Mrs. Winsome Reid.

Clan Carthy Primary School, tragically known for the accidental death of 7-year-old student Benjamin Bair in 2019, was chosen by the embassy for its academic year 2022-2023 program. A minute of silence was observed in honor of Benjamin Bair, dedicating the ceremony to his memory.

The Embassy team emphasized that improving school infrastructure is a core aspect of their social responsibility. They believe that the donated computers will open new horizons for students, facilitate learning, and help them compete in a technologically advanced world. The computers are intended for learning, exploring, creating, and dreaming, embodying the embassy’s commitment to the children’s future and symbolizing the strong friendship between the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

This initiative by the Dominican Embassy in Jamaica showcases the power of international cooperation in enhancing educational opportunities and commemorates the spirit of young Benjamin Bair, reinforcing the commitment to children’s education and development.

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