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Cirium’s 2023 punctuality report highlights global airline performance

The renowned aeronautical intelligence platform, Cirium, has released its annual punctuality study for 2023, showcasing the performance of airlines and airports worldwide. The report is crucial for the aviation industry, providing insights into operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Latin American Airlines Lead in Punctuality

Latin America’s airlines showed impressive punctuality, with Copa Airlines topping the regional list with an 89.46% on-time performance. They were closely followed by Avianca at 85.73% and Azul at 85.51%. Other notable mentions include LATAM (84%), Caribbean Airlines (81.73%), SKY Airline (80.57%), Aeroméxico (77.48%), GOL (76.63%), and Aerolíneas Argentinas (73.95%).

European Airlines’ Performance

In Europe, Spanish airlines dominated, with Iberia Express leading at 84.58% and Iberia close behind at 84.38%. Austrian Airlines, LOT, and Norwegian Air Shuttle also featured in the top five, showcasing their commitment to timely service.

North American Airlines Show Consistency

Delta Air Lines emerged as the most punctual airline in North America, boasting an 84.72% punctuality rate. Alaska Airlines and American Airlines also performed well, with United, Southwest, Spirit, WestJet, Frontier, JetBlue, and Air Canada completing the top ten.

Asian-Pacific Carriers Excel

In the Asia-Pacific region, All Nippon Airways claimed the top spot with an 82.75% punctuality rate, with Japan Airlines and Thai AirAsia following closely.

Middle East and Africa’s Top Performers

Oman Air led the Middle East and Africa region with a remarkable 92.53% punctuality rate. Safair and Royal Air Jordanian also showed strong performance, highlighting the region’s focus on operational efficiency.

Low-Cost Carriers’ Global Ranking

Among low-cost carriers globally, Safair was the most punctual, followed by Azul, and Hong Kong Express. Notably, Iberia Express, Vueling, and SKY also made it into the top ten, demonstrating that low-cost doesn’t compromise punctuality.

Cirium’s comprehensive report serves as a benchmark for airline punctuality globally, reflecting the aviation industry’s resilience and commitment to timely service.

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