World January 24, 2024 | 1:11 pm

Spanish court approves extradition of woman accused of fatal stabbing

Madrid, Spain.- The Spanish National Court has approved the extradition of a woman to the Dominican Republic who is wanted for fatally stabbing her boss during a workplace argument in April 2022. The magistrates concluded that all the necessary legal requirements are met to proceed with the surrender of the Dominican citizen, Francelys María FR. The incident, in the court’s assessment, would constitute voluntary manslaughter in the Dominican Republic and homicide or murder in Spain.

The court justifies the extradition request for a common crime, emphasizing the absence of any spurious motivation, the non-prescription of the crime, the absence of circumstances leading to the extinction of responsibility, and the inability to contest the jurisdiction of Dominican authorities based on the principle of territoriality, given that the crimes occurred in that country.

Regarding the claimant’s argument that her life or integrity would be in danger if extradited, the court asserts that there is no evidence supporting such claims. Mere expressions of fear for personal safety are deemed insufficient to justify denying extradition.

According to documentation provided by Dominican authorities, on April 21, 2022, the defendant was involved in a workplace dispute at a shopping center in Santo Domingo. The argument escalated, resulting in both parties throwing objects at each other. The situation took a tragic turn when the woman, responding to a physical assault, retrieved a knife and fatally stabbed her employer in the abdomen. The man succumbed to his injuries a few minutes later at the hospital, and the woman fled the scene after the incident.

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