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Outstanding dominican student secures top honor at Harvard Model United Nations

Cambridge, US.- Sixteen-year-old Dominican student, Kimberly Samboy, has garnered recognition as the Best Delegation in the press committee at the esteemed Harvard University Model United Nations for high school students. This achievement comes amidst a gathering of over 3,600 young participants from 50 countries, with the award presented on Sunday, January 28.

Kimberly’s prowess in writing, public speaking, and audiovisual creation during the four-day event earned her admiration from the evaluation committee. Her passion for communication was particularly highlighted in the recognition.

From an early age, Kimberly has displayed a keen interest in being an agent of change. She was a Finalist for the 2023 National Youth Award in the pre-university category, representing the country in significant international conferences. Notably, at the GlobalMUNers Conference in New York City 2023, she secured first place as a press correspondent. In the upcoming edition, she will join the evaluation committee, making her one of the youngest individuals in this role.

A student at the APEC Fernando Arturo de Meriño School, Kimberly has faced a challenging journey to reach these achievements. Commencing in 2020, she began creating educational and entertaining content, sharing interviews, reports, and interactive videos.

Throughout her secondary education, Kimberly actively participated in Reading-Writing, Physics, and Oratory Olympiads. Her speech titled “We are all the Homeland” reflects her dream of uniting diverse Dominican realities as a testament to the impactful nature of the country. This speech secured her first place in the contest.

Kimberly’s accomplishments extend to having an article published on the portal of the United Nations Information Center for Mexico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic.

Continuing her academic journey, Kimberly will further her studies in leadership, literature, philosophy, and culture through the selective summer program at the prestigious Yale University. This endeavor aims to open doors for her in the world of literature and content creation.

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