Local December 1, 2022 | 10:01 am

Students and teachers affected by the tear gas attack in Barahona

Maria Elena Batista Rivas, the medical director of the Jaime Mota Regional University Hospital (HRUJM), reported yesterday that at least three students, professors, and administrative employees were affected by a toxic gas released by two students from the Alberto Féliz Bello High School in the Polo municipality of this province.

According to Batista Rivas, the pupils are still hospitalized, but their clinical picture is stable, and they could be medically discharged and returned to their houses in the Polo community within the next few hours. Aresils Feliz, 15; Alejandra Feliz Pimentel, 15; Estanya Noel, 18; Selenia Feliz Medrano, Randy Manuel Feliz Batista, 12; Boyena Jorge Noel, 18; Regensi Feliz (Chana) and Antonia Peña, instructors; and Sugey Féliz, custodian

Last Tuesday, three more students, affected by the noxious gas, were transferred to the HRUJM in Barahona, referred from the Polo Municipal Hospital, identified as Anabel Antonia Rubio Féliz, 15 years old; Geraldina Esmeralda Terrero Báez, 14, and Stefany Bleque, 16.


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