Sports July 4, 2017 | 7:33 pm

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Dominican professional baseball enters a new era

Leonardo Matos Berrido interviewed by DT editor-in-chief Jorge Pineda in June, 2007.

Santo Domingo.- The six presidents of Dominican  Republics’ professional baseball teams on Tuesday unanimously chose Vitelio Mejía as new president of the Dominican Baseball League (Lidom), a post that he’ll officially hold starting July 11.

Mejía, who is currently vice president of Lidom, replaces Leonardo Matos Berrido, who’d held the post since 1991, when he replaced Luis Ramón Cordero.

Matos had conducted the multimillion dollar business with a stern hand, resulting in part to his close ties with the late president  Joaquin Balaguer and his conservative party, the PRSC.

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