Local October 25, 2017 | 1:39 pm

Official orders reporter out of open meeting, threatens to sue outlet

S. Cuevas

Santo Domingo.- Presidency  Social Plan legal advisor Susana Cuevas, on Tues. ordered El Nuevo Diario reporter, Rafael Zapata, to leave the room where the government agency was conducting a call for tenders, upon realizing that the journalist had uploaded the activity to the outlet’s social networks.

Cuevas warned the journalist that the newspaper could be admonished for having recorded the activity without having the permission for such an action.

“You didn’t ask permission to record, even the newspaper can be sued for that. You only asked for permission to be here,” Cuevas said, then ordered Zapata to leave the room.

Before Zapata was forced to leave, Cuevas ordered his assistant to write the journalist’s name, with a warning. “I’m going to check the information that was uploaded in the newspaper; you know I’m a lawyer, right?”

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