Tourism April 4, 2023 | 10:42 am

The eastern beaches are prepared for vacationers in the Dominican Republic

Preparations have been underway since last week to welcome vacationers to the eastern beaches during the Easter holiday, especially in the area known for its gastronomic offerings and tourist attractions. The beaches have been cleaned and made ready, while vendors at those closest to Greater Santo Domingo are eagerly awaiting the arrival of bathers, who have already started to pack the beaches since last Sunday, the beginning of Greater Week, a popular time for recreational activities.

A tour of the Caribbean along the eastern beaches such as Boca Chica, Playa Caribe, Guayacanes, and Juan Dolio revealed that visitors were already there, preferring to go at the beginning of the week rather than on high days such as Thursday, Friday, and Holy Saturday, as well as Easter Sunday. Bathers, including both Dominicans and tourists, are soaking up the sun, while children on vacation this week play in the sand and fly kites, known as “chichiguas.” Artisans offer their wares, and fish stalls with tostones and yaniqueques are enthusiastically awaiting the arrival of vacationers and enjoying excellent sales. Carmen Rivera, who has worked in a fried fish stall on Boca Beach for over fifteen years, said, “We hope to sell more because day after day things are decreasing. Before, there were plenty of people these days. Now you have to wait until two or three in the afternoon to sell a little fish. The prices are regular, but people often bring their food.”

Oscar Rosado, a lifeguard who has volunteered at the Juan Dolio public beach for over 30 years, is always on-site to protect those enjoying the sea. He talks enthusiastically about his experiences and the challenges he has faced in that place. For this holiday, he is positive, saying, “Starting tomorrow or the day after, we’ll start putting buoys to prevent people from going too far into the beach, but people rarely respect that. The Civil Defense will come, and I will be in this position with my comrades. During Easter Week, we will be there from nine in the morning until half-past five when the beach is cleared with the help of the police and all the institutions that are here.”

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