Tourism August 1, 2023 | 8:16 am

Abinader highlights low criminal acts in tourist centers

Santo Domingo.- According to the statistics managed by the National Police and the Public Ministry as part of the Citizen Security Plan, less than one percent of tourists visiting the Dominican Republic have been victims of or linked to criminal acts. President Luis Abinader presented this data, emphasizing that the alerts issued by countries like the United States and Canada, warning their citizens against visiting the country due to safety concerns, are unjustified. The statistics collected from tourist areas are shared with embassies, including those of the United States and Canada.

President Abinader compared the current alerts to those issued 15 years ago and argued that they do not reflect the country’s current reality, asserting that the Dominican Republic is a safe destination and that tourists are safer there than in their own countries. He also highlighted the country’s security levels in comparison to other tourist destinations such as Puerto Rico and Mexico.

During a meeting with media directors, it was mentioned that John Hawver, former executive director of the New York police, is part of the commission of the citizen security plan. He accompanied the Minister of the Presidency, Joel Santos, in meetings with the US and Canadian embassies to present the statistics supporting the country’s safety.

Joel Santos, Minister of the Presidency, confirmed that the country has witnessed a significant reduction in crimes like robberies, homicides, and thefts due to the joint efforts of the National Police, Ministry of Defense, General Directorate for Drug Control, and prosecutors. The government continues to work consistently to maintain the downward trend of insecurity in the country. Regular meetings led by President Abinader allow for the review of statistics and procedures carried out in each province, fostering collaboration between different institutions.

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Paul Tierney
August 1, 2023 12:10 pm

This is fine for the tourist areas. The rest of the country needs attention.

August 6, 2023 11:46 am
Reply to  Paul Tierney

Lots of studies, meetings, comittees but not much real action against street crime.