Tourism August 6, 2023 | 12:00 pm

Abinader: “Tourism is just beginning in the Dominican Republic, it will continue to grow”

Santo Domingo.- President Luis Abinader expressed his gratitude to the entrepreneurs of the tourism sector for their work and contribution to jobs in the country; and to the travel agents and tour operators for the loyalty and fidelity they have had for years of bringing tourists to the Dominican Republic.

“A very special thanks to all of you, because an important part of our country works with dignity and earns the work every day to support their families and we do it with love and we do it with passion,” he said.

At the launch of DO Travel Rewards, an innovative global loyalty program for travel agents who send tourists to the Dominican Republic, the president assured that he will continue working to strengthen the sector.

“Tourism is just beginning in the Dominican Republic. It will continue, it will continue to grow, to bring joy, to bring a smile to the tourists that you send here and also so that Dominicans continue to live with dignity from the tourism sector,” said Abinader.

The President emphasized that the Government is always working to be innovative in all industries, but especially in tourism.

He recalled that during the pandemic it was possible to innovate and create the only and the first Covid insurance in the world so that tourists would not stop visiting the country. “We achieved it by being the country with the highest recovery and we were also well innovative then we also certified the hotels with several international health companies also on the recommendation of the tourism cabinet”.

Likewise, the head of state indicated that the Government takes the work very seriously and that is why the levels in the certified tourist poles are among the highest in the world.

“We take care of your people in terms of security, health and in all aspects so that their visit to the Dominican Republic is a satisfactory and unforgettable experience and that is also what they say in most of the surveys we do,” he said.

The governor said that they hope that the visit of tourists to the Dominican Republic will be like their second homeland and their second home and that they know that here we thank you.

“We will always listen to you and we are open to any recommendations and suggestions to continue improving and perfecting our destination every day,” he said.

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Paul Tierney
August 7, 2023 8:25 am

Whaddaya say “Tourism is just beginning”! Maybe, it began a long time ago in the 1980’s when its revenue exceeded the income of sugar exports. Some say It did actually begin before that time, probably when the country stabilized after the departure of US troops from the “65” intervention. The world’s eyes saw the country’s beauty… tourism investors noticed. It could be the start of the 1970’s when tourism investors were provided incentives by the country to buy into the RD. It could be suggested it was the push to get the tourism ball rolling.