Economy January 6, 2015 | 11:34 am

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Dominican Republic’s One-stop Foreign Trade Window is official

Santo Domingo.- Customs director Fernando Fernández revealed Tuesday that president Danilo Medina signed Executive order creating the One-stop Foreign Trade Window, a single entity to conduct all export-import procedures.

The official said the law authorizes the unification of the actions of 13 or 14 entities to issue foreign trade permits.

"We were working so that the Executive Branch issued a decree to establish the One-stop Foreign Trade Window. Customs had already been implementing a pilot plan with Indocal and the Finance Ministry to unify the actions of 13 or 14 institutions that have the power to issue permits or other documents required to import or ex porting," Fernandez said.

He said the one-stop window can provide importers or exporters all necessary permits. "The Executive Branch recently issued the decree, and we’re now going to spread this great news for Dominican businesses this week on the existence of a decree obliging banks related to foreign trade to join the Customs pilot program wich already has been working during four months.

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