Economy February 23, 2015 | 5:48 pm

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Dominican Republic chicken farms cut price ‘for the first time’

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s poultry producers grouped in ADA on Monday announced a reduction of RD$3.50 per pound in the price of live chicken on farm, in effect nationwide starting today, ‘for the first time.”

ADA president Bolívar Cartagena said all producers agreed to cut the price on fresh chicken, after a meeting with Agriculture minister Angel Estevez. Fresh chicken on farm will now cost 29 pesos per pound, instead of the current RD$31.50.

Estevez said he expects all intermediaries to follow the producers’ move and cut prices on the birds, to benefit consumers.

The official affirmed that it’s the first time in national poultry history that producers cut the price of chicken, and resulted from an agreement reached after several meetings with authorities.

He added that the announcement comes after the release of a sector report on the incubation of eggs from January 12 to February 8 this year.

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