Economy March 12, 2015 | 4:59 pm

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AES Dominicana hosts first Energy Technology and Innovation event

Santo Domingo.- The AES Dominicana group held its first conclave dedicated to energy innovation and technological advances foreseen for the next 40 years, as a way instill a revolutionary thought process among the company’s collaborators and identify innovative improvements for Dominican Republic’s future development.

The event was headed by Professor José Cordeiro, considered Latin America’s most knowledgeable person on what the future awaits us in new technologies and scientific advances. He’s also professor at Singularity University, an interdisciplinary academic institution located in Silicon Valley, United States, whose foundation was sponsored by NASA and Google, with an ultimate goal of solving humanity’s great challenges.

as leading energy company and national innovation leader, we have a fundamental role in promoting the paradigm shift in energy transformation,” said Edwin De los Santos, president of AES Dominicana. "We’re looking for innovative solutions, borderless imagination, thus becoming more efficient and thinking beyond the conventional industries, even outside of what is already currently considered as alternatives.”

"We’re spurring a shift in thinking in the talents who’ll lead tomorrow’s transformation processes in energy and technology as well and aimed at placing Dominican Republic on the global competitiveness map. An example of this is the formation of AES Dominicana’s first Think Tank which we expect will replicate exponentially throughout our organization," De los Santos said.

“Cordeiro was selected on the need to count on someone with a visionary spirit, in every sense of the word, who’ll as of now will go and preach what year 2040 holds for us onwards, added De los Santos.

The event held during full day had two work sessions, and also counted on the presence of the AES Dominicana "Think Tank" outside guests including the United States Embassy, the Fondo Patrimonial de las Empresas Reformadas (FONPER), representatives of recognized local universities, financial institutions, the American Chamber of Commerce, the National Energy Commission, the Dominican Electrical Industry Association (ADIE), among other key organizations for Dominican Republic’s future technological and energy development.

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