Economy March 25, 2015 | 5:43 pm

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Dominican Republic tourism mogul calls for a social revolution

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s icon tourism mogul on Wednesday called for a social revolution, after concluded the one of capitalism, to transform our country in a balanced and progressive society that benefits all. “Only then we will in fact, be the entrepreneurs of the 21st century."

Frank Ranieri, CEO and founder of the Punta Cana Group, spoke as honoted guest at the American Chamber of Commerce’s monthly luncheon held in the Hotel Embajador, titled ‘The American Chamber, tourism and entrepreneur of the century.’

He said contributions by Dominican Republic’s tourism sector in the last two decades are far beyond what he himself dared to predict 20 years ago at the same event. "Tourism’s contributions to the lives of Dominicans have become an essential factor, thank God! Because the gold in the mountains runs out, but the sun, sea, nature and culture can be forever if we care."

Ranieri said while the political backdrop has changed and the economy has dynamism, "for entrepreneurs, the challenge is the same. Because yesterday and today, we have to decide if we stay with our businesses and forget the social and political environment in which they exist, or if we act as engaged and proactive entities to improve our society and environment."

No choice

"We can agree on how to do it because not to do it isn’t an option. And that’s because the progress we need to grow our businesses is only possible if we assume our responsibility as agents of social change and the environment," the business leader said.

Ranieri said the Dominican Republic only advances "on pace with what our businesses need if we engage in improving our political system to have a functional democracy and if we build a free, pluralistic and inclusive society that equally benefits from development."

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