Economy March 30, 2015 | 3:46 pm

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Credit notes valid for a year, ProConsumidor announces

Santo Domingo.– Consumer Protection Agency (ProConsumidor) director Altagracia Paulino announced that credit notes issued to customers by commercial establishments when they are acquiring food or medicine must be valid for 365 days.

As published in El Nuevo Diario, Paulino pointed out that commercial establishments usually issue a credit note for 30 days, when a customer returns a product. "This credit note will now be enforced for 365 days, a full year, because nobody can have the right to keep your money," she stressed

After the initial 30-day period, Paulino pointed out, the establishments that issued the credit notes may deduct the taxes they paid. However, the ProConsumidor director warned that the money or the goods should be returned to the consumer as set out in the regulations issued by that entity.

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