Economy July 27, 2015 | 12:09 pm

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PRM leaders ask Dominican president to assist agro exporters: DL reports

Santo Domingo.– Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) leaders demanded president Danilo Medina to rectify "its policy of indifference and neglect against agricultural exporters," who they say have been affected by the United States and Haiti ban to import local fruits and vegetables due to the medfly.

According to Diario Libre, Lazaro Guzman, coordinator of PRM’s National Command of Agribusiness, said that jobs related to greenhouses have declined due to the ban.

"The diversification of export markets has been one of the greatest achievements in the production history of the country, and it is essential to give sustainability to the Dominican economy, promote productive employment and generate vital foreign currency to eradicate poverty," Guzman said.

He added that nobody is currently building greenhouses following the ban on Dominican fruits and vegetables.

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