Economy August 5, 2015 | 3:38 pm

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The country´s 2nd major wind farm starts to come together

Pedernales, DominicanRepublic.- The power company EGE Haina on Wednesday began receiving parts of theturbines for the Larimar wind farm being built at Enriquillo township,southwestern Barahona province.

The wind farmfeatures 15 Vestas 84-meter high V112 turbines which can generate 3.3 MW each,for a total 50 megawatts.

The turbines´ componentsare arriving at Cabo Rojo Port from where they’ll be transported and installedat Enriquillo.

The new plant isexpected to start operations in early 2016, which will double DominicanRepublic´s wind generation.

EGE Haina said thenacelles, or the housing which holds the main components are already in thecountry.

After the LosCocos-Quivio Cabrera park in nearby Juancho, Larimar will be the country´ssecond major wind farm.

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