Economy October 16, 2015 | 10:16 am

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Krugman: Dominican economy relatively good despite global crisis

Santo Domingo.- The Nobel laureate in economics 2008 affirmed Thursday that the Dominicaneconomy has conditions to seize opportunities amid the globalized crisis, andcalled the country’s economic performance relatively good.

Among the country´sadvantages Paul Krugman listed its geographical location, which shortens thedistance and become a great advantage for investors.

He said the short-haulfreight is an advantage of high relevance.

Lecturing at the SansSouci cruise terminal invited by the Santo Domingo Commerce and Production Chamber,the economist said there´s a resurging interest in the US in invest inmanufacturing, but noted the problem of a lack of human resources for the sector,particularly in textiles, one of Dominican Republic´s strongest sectors. “Thisopportunity could be seized by the Dominican textile sector.”

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