Economy December 15, 2015 | 8:49 am

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New agency aims to avert disconnect by Dominicans broad

New York.- Foreign ministerAndrés Navarro on Monday launched the Dominicans Abroad Institute (INDEX),during an exhibition in which meetings were held to provide suggestions andproposals.

He said the INDEX is anacademic, culture and research institution created by executive order and whosebylaws are pending approval in Congress. “The INDEX will provide an opportunityfor foreigners who want to work and spur the diaspora´s development.

The official called theentity one of president Danilo Medina´s main yearnings, aimed at averting the Dominicandiaspora´s disconnect with the Dominican Republic. "This is a very specialoccasion because we were here a few months ago holding meetings to implement presidentDanilo Medina´s mandate as a goal to make the Dominicans Abroad Institute a reality."

He said the INDEX willgrow together with how the diaspora provides the tone. "Executive order372-15 is what enabled the institute to be officially opened this year."

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