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Medina to cut ribbon on 2nd subway line in 3 years

Santo Domingo.- On 11am Thursday president Danilo Medina willbe on the inaugural run with passengers in Santo Domingo’s Metro Line II, onthe Santo Domingo Este-National District route.

Government spokesman Roberto Rodriguez Marchena tweetedthat the extension of the 2nd Metro line is undergoing test rus sincelast weekend with several trains rolling on the rails that link the NationalDistrict with the Santo Domingo Este.

With the train’s first trip on Thursday, Medina will becomethe first Dominican president and one of the few in the world to inaugurate twosubway lines during one term in office.

Medina cut the ribbon on Line A of the mass transit system onApril 3, 2013.

Since the works started Medina has a constantly keptabreast of the progress through surprise visits and on-site reports.

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