Economy June 29, 2016 | 8:26 am

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Puerto Plata will soon boast 7-story buildings: Lawmaker

Santo Domingo.- Puerto Plata province senator-elect JoséIgnacio Paliza said Tuesday that the Chamber of Deputies is poised to pass abill to allow building construction of up to seven floors in the touristdistrict.

He said the Senate Public Works Commission’s "firm goal"is to motivate the full floor to approve the zoning bill, which aims to rid PuertoPlata’s hurdles to its real estate sector, banning the construction of buildingshigher than three stories “when the trend in buildings in similar touristdestinations is of more than five floors.”

"In Puerto Plata you have the example of the BournigalMedical Center, which has an entire block with their facilities, but even withall that area, it needs more space to continue building areas for healthservices to benefit our province. It would be easier will grow verticallyrather than continue using land that could well serve for residential orcommercial development in that part of the city," Paliza said.

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