Economy August 1, 2016 | 9:17 am

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US waiver of penalty helps thousands of undocumented Dominicans

Santo Domingo.- Thousands of undocumented Dominicans livingin the US will benefit from the new immigration pardon approved by the US Citizenshipand Immigration Services (USCIS) which takes effect Aug. 29.

The waiver repeals the penalties against foreigners who’veentered or are illegally in the US and have spouses or children whether born inthe country or not, who are legal residents or American citizens, can apply forresidence.

There are hundreds of Dominicans In that situation, most ofwhom arrived with "machete" passports (supplanted IDs), who came fromPuerto Rico, or across the borders with Mexico and Canada.

In a statement the USCIS said will no longer will beenforced the penalty against a foreigner with that status, even if a spouse orchild that are US citizens, was that they had to leave the US for a period of10 years, depending on the case,.

Immigrant rights activists in various states hailed thedecision, calling it an important step forward to solve the immigration statusof millions of undocumented aliens.

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