Economy July 21, 2022 | 9:18 am

Power distributors lose US$258.7M to April

Santo Domingo.- Between January and April of this year, the Electricity Distribution Companies (EDEs) lost US$258.7 million between the cost of energy purchased to sell to their users and the total energy charged.

In terms of collection, the EDEs lost 36.4% of the energy purchased, according to the figures presented in the Management Report of the distributors posted on the website of the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM).

According to the data presented, the tariff adjustment increased the income of the three EDES by US$99.6 million as of October 2021, but the payment to the generation companies also increased by US$122.78 million, so the financial deficit grew, despite the rate increase, US$23.18 million, this without counting the operating expenses of these companies.

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