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Another 34 public investment projects approved in July

Santo Domingo, DR.
The Ministry of Economy, Planning, and Development reported the approval of 34 public investment projects last July, bringing the total to 308 in the first seven months of this year 2022 (January-July 2022).

The total cost of these 34 projects amounts to RD$21,606 million, and RD$132,931 million have been approved this year, according to the report “La Inversión Pública en Datos (DatoSNIP)” corresponding to July 2022.

The publication by the General Directorate of Public Investment prepared based on information from the National Public Investment System (SNIP), indicates that 63.3% of the projects approved correspond to the central government (195 projects), followed by municipal governments (56 projects) and companies (50 projects), which were approved 18.2% and 16.2%, respectively.

The document indicates that the highest cost is for central government projects, for an amount of RD$117,631.5 million (88.5% of the total approved in January-July).

The report details that 55.9% of the projects approved in July corresponded to the Housing and Community Services function (19 projects), particularly the Community Development sub-function (12 projects).

It adds that the analysis of the cost of the projects shows that the most significant amount approved corresponds to the Health function with RD$17,776.6 million (82.3% of the total amount approved in July). Of the amount agreed for Health, 99.4% will be destined for Hospital Services.

For the January-July period, the report indicates that 36.7% of the projects approved correspond to Housing and community services (113 projects), then 32.1% to Health (99 projects), and 9.1% to Sports, recreational, cultural, and religious activities (28 projects). As for the total cost of the projects, 61.3% will be allocated to Health.

Geographical location
The document explains that of the 34 projects approved on July 8, were in San Cristobal province, representing the most significant number of projects approved at the provincial level, followed by Seibo (5), Azua (4), and Santiago (3), while the rest are distributed in 11 provinces.

It specifies that 81.8% of the amount approved in July is a project in San Pedro de Macorís to construct a public health center, with a total cost of RD$17,673 million.

In addition, for the January-July period, Santiago and San Cristóbal represent the provinces with the highest number of projects approved (27 projects each), followed by Santo Domingo and the National District, with 25 projects approved each.

As of January 2022, the report highlights, Santiago occupies the place with the highest total cost of approved projects, amounting to RD$49,043 million, representing an increase of 3.5% in June.

In July 2022, the executing institutions with the most projects approved were the Presidential Commission for the Support of Provincial Development (9), the Municipality of San Francisco Vicentillo (5), the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (4), and the Ministry of Housing, Habitat, and Buildings (4).

In June 2022, 136 projects were approved. Of these, 16 belonged to Santiago, representing the most significant number of projects approved by location, followed by the provinces of Monseñor Nouel and Santo Domingo with 11, the National District with 10, and the southern provinces of Azua and Independencia with 8. The rest are distributed in 21 provinces.

The total amount of projects approved last month was RD$16.4 billion, for an accumulated amount of RD$111.3 billion, the highest in the previous five years.

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