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President Abinader recognized by Dominican milk producers for advancing livestock industry

Santo Domingo.- President Luis Abinader was honored by the Dominican Association of Milk Producers (APROLECHE) for his significant contributions to the Dominican livestock sector. APROLECHE praised President Abinader for implementing key public policies, including the mandate for the inclusion of National Milk in school breakfast programs and the promotion of the Livestock Improvement Project in the Dominican Republic (PROMEGA).

During APROLECHE’s 45th annual general assembly, President Abinader expressed gratitude for the recognition, affirming his commitment to the national productive sector, particularly livestock farmers and milk producers. He emphasized the government’s role in balancing the interests of various economic sectors, always aiming to support national producers and ensure fair pricing for both consumers and producers.

Addressing the challenges of climate change and the recent global crises, President Abinader highlighted the nearly 19 billion pesos provided to the Agricultural Bank to support national production during these difficult times.

He encouraged milk producers to continue enhancing productivity and assured government support for acquiring necessary technology and equipment. President Abinader stressed the importance of maintaining a balance between fair prices for producers and consumers, key to social peace and continued growth in national production.

Erick Rivero, the agricultural advisor to the Executive Branch and president of APROLECHE, spoke on behalf of the nearly 50,000 milk producers in the country. He celebrated APROLECHE’s 45th anniversary, noting the association’s role in strengthening the livestock industry and advocating for sector demands. Rivero highlighted the achievements of APROLECHE and PROMEGAN, including the use of domestically produced milk in school breakfasts and strengthening cooperative efforts.

The Dominican Republic’s milk production, exceeding 800 million liters per year and valued at over 20 billion pesos, demonstrates the sector’s significant contribution to the national economy and the successful efforts of APROLECHE under the current administration.

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