Local February 6, 2015 | 8:24 am

Nationalists fight back: Journalists seek to silence Dominicans

Santo Domingo.- The National Sovereignty Defense Network on Thursday rebuffed alleged death threats denounced by journalists Amelia Dechamps, Huchi Lora, Roberto Cavada and Juan Bolivar Diaz last Monday, and the announced investigation of the people linked to the organization.

They also refuted the journalists’ effort to silence Dominicans who defend national sovereignty, which "trample on a daily basis, with calls for the authorities to gag freedom of expression."

"What thy have proposed is a media and physical persecution against a people that all they do is defend the principles of sovereignty they still possess. We will not renounce the defense of our sovereignty, not even dead. They traitors had better know that,” said Network president Manuel Núñez in a press conference at the Ciudad Nueva Courthouse.

He asked the Police to investigate the alleged threats and to not criminalize public expression.

He said the journalists’ "verbal excesses" have outraged citizens by accusing the country of xenophobia, racism and that the Dominican people commit civil genocide.

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