Local March 29, 2017 | 1:46 pm

Judge in ‘rulings for sale’ scandal causes a ruckus, is restrained

Santo Domingo.- The suspended judge in the “rulings for sale” scandal on Tuesday caused such a ruckus during a hearing of her disciplinary trial, the the presiding magistrate was forced  to order the bailiffs to restrain her.

Awilda Reyes faces termination and disqualification from providing services to the State during five years, as requested by the prosecution.

The Judicial Council holds the disciplinary proceeding against Reyes, charged ethics with violation, among other felonies.

Her lawyer Enrique Troncoso motioned to strike the prosecution’s allegation that Reyes had allegedly taken a bribe, prior to her acquitting a suspect yet unsolved cases of murder.

Judges Estanislao Radhamés Rodríguez, Leonardo Tineo Recio and Fernándo Fernández didn’t set a date to hand down their ruling.

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