Local April 12, 2017 | 6:52 pm

36,000 police, troops to patrol Dominican Republic beaches, rivers

Photo of Police in formation by elnuevodiario.com.do

Santo Domingo.- As many as 36,000 police and soldiers will bolster public safety and patrol beaches, rivers and lakes to prevent accidents during Easter Week in the Dominican Republic, officials said Wed.

The authorities launched Operation Easter Week 2017, which includes the Interior and Police, and Defense ministries, as well as the National Police, the Emergency Operations Center (COE) and the Metropolitan Transit Authority (AMET) to secure the safety of citizens, and protect lives and property during the holidays.

In addition to these institutions, the personnel involved in the operation is the Interior and Police Ministry´s Alcoholic Beverage Control Dept. (Acarrera) and Highway Assistance,  to prevent the sale of alcoholic beverages in public places and will seize openly-carried guns.

The sale of alcoholic beverages will be banned between Holy Friday and Saturday.

Speaking to launch the operation, Interior Minister Carlos Amarante said the measure “seeks to ensure citizen security, protect volunteers in assistance posts, people and their belongings in beaches, rivers and swimming spots.”

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