Local April 24, 2017 | 8:47 pm

Greens really seek to destabilize Dominican Gov: top official

Carlos Amarante, Green March in his hometown, Moca

Santo Domingo.- Interior and Police minister Carlos Amarante on Monday said under the pretext to fight corruption and impunity, sectors have started a plan to destabilize the government.

“We’re aware of their destabilizing movements that, in the exercise of a crazed collective adventure, have planned to even abort the democratic process,” the official warned.

He said those sectors hide within the Green Movement, which has held several marches to demand an end to corruption and impunity.

In a statement to newspaper Diario Libre however, the also member of the ruling party’s (PLD) top echelon doesn’t provide any evidence.

He said the sectors, invalidated by the May 15,2016 elections, “have denatured the Green Movement, which they have appropriated by leading their militants to march against the government and encouraging the most radical groups to take control and move to threaten the democratic order and government officials by stating that “green mobilizations could turn into rebellion and catastrophe never intended for them.”

“Frustrated by the irreversible advances of progress, economic stability, new infrastructures and social inclusion policies put into practice by the PLD administrations, they resort to adventurous plans, calculating to obtain through popular agitation what the people denied them at the polls.”

“What do they want with the destabilization set in motion? That the economy enters into crisis? That we not continue generating more than 120,000 jobs per year? Stop the processes of progress in education, health and boosting small businesses?,” the official said.

“They are in time to reflect and stop their plans to destabilize the nation, which will only lead us to chaos, anarchy and disorder, from where nothing good will come to the country. The government has a duty to preserve peace and democratic order in the Dominican Republic,” Amarante warned.

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