Local May 11, 2017 | 1:07 pm

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Group wants political parties to come clean on their contributors

Santo Domingo.- The civic group Citizen Participation on Wed. asked the 22 registered political parties to disclose the identity of their contributors.

Resorting to the Free Access to Public Information no Law 200-04, the organization asked for a list with the names and surnames of individuals and public or private institutions that contributed to financing their last campaigns, including amounts and dates.

It said their request forms part of its work to promote transparency in the country. “Our organization, with this request, exercises the right to demand accountability to legally constituted bodies that are recipients of public funds, such as political parties,” said Citizen Participation coordinator Marisela Duval.

She said that prior to requesting the information, they verified that it wasn’t available to the public in the websites of the political parties, as the Free Access to Information Law stipulates.

She said the information must include the origin and destination of all their assets and the identity of its public and private taxpayers as well.

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