Local July 21, 2017 | 4:22 pm

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Environment denies issuing permit to exploit Loma Miranda

Loma Miranda...leave it green

Santiago.-  Environment minister Francisco Domínguez on Friday denied that an authorization was issued to exploit Loma Miranda and affirmed that the zone must be protected from particular interests at all cost.

“Loma Miranda is very important, there’s no logging in Loma Miranda, there’s no devastation; there is someone who’s making a complaint about a site outside there, and specifically acacias, which is an invasive tree and which we don’t want, but what we are clear about is that we must protect it,” said Domínguez.

He said Loma Miranda will be defended above all and he won’t be complicit to extortion by some people with marked interests to damage the area’s environment. “We reiterate that this area will be defended by all means.”

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